Our outreach events consist of activities designed to introduce them to science, technology, and engineering concepts. By providing women engineers as role models, the event will demonstrate that engineering can be a fun, challenging and exciting career. A parent’s program will also be offered with speakers on topics relating to helping their daughter pursue a career in engineering or technology; and informing resources that will help them encourage their daughters to pursue a career in engineering.

This program will be in direct support of the Education and Outreach goal, encouraging Students to pursue engineering and technology careers. The Parent’s workshop will provide a look into what engineering projects are like make them more aware of what engineers do so they can better guide their children on career choices.

This project is needed because the numbers of students pursuing engineering degrees is not keeping up with the growing demand for engineers. While girls are now over 50% of the college students, the enrollment in engineering programs is still only about 20%. To increase the number of girls pursuing engineering, we must make them aware of engineering as a career possibility early before final career decisions are made.

WOW! That's Engineering!

NJIT SWE hosted a WOW! That’s Engineering! event to encourage a targeted age group of young students to pursue their interests in STEM-related fields. We wanted to make STEM subjects appealing by inviting young students by providing them with hands-on activities that stimulate their minds and invite them to explore their inner scientist and engineer.The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at NJIT has recently been awarded a grant to support their continued goal of increasing the number of women studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The award, funded by ExxonMobil, is part of the national SWE grant competition for K-12 (pre-college) outreach programs. The Executive Board members of SWE at NJIT would like to thank the National SWE headquarters and ExxonMobil for funding and the promotion of the aims and goals of SWE as a whole through the outreach event. A special thank to our Outreach Coordinator Noor Aly(Undergraduate) as well as the rest of the E-board for planning an amazing event! To view more photos of the Outreach event, please visit our Facebook page!

Attached below is a copy of last year's proposal

2013 Outreach Program (.docx)