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After you register for IEEE National, you can sign up for IEEE Student Branch at NJIT here!

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As an IEEE member, you automatically become a part of the local IEEE organization and receive local newsletters, meeting announcements and other useful information. Many opportunities exist for participating as a volunteer both locally and throughout the IEEE. Build your leadership skills and professional network by chairing a conference . . . coordinating a seminar . . . editing a publication . . . serving on a committee.

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From standards to magazines, books to videos, journals to self-study courses, IEEE provides the best publications on electrical, electronics and computer engineering in the world. Your membership entitles you to low member rates on all of it.

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Through IEEE, you're in touch with the technical community that's changing the world. Yours for the asking is the knowledge and perspective of 315,000 fellow IEEE members.

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Each year, the IEEE conducts more than 300 major conferences and 6,000 local meetings around the world - far more than any other technical society. You can attend technical sessions, gain first-hand knowledge of new product developments, and talk to colleagues on the cutting edge of your technology.

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Each month this multi award-winning magazine delivers to you the latest technological information with behind-the-scenes stories to put the news in context. Our team of experts covers everything (from energy to medicine, politics to economics) and everybody (business, industry, academia, government) involved.

To join the IEEE NJIT Student Branch, all we require is that you be an IEEE National Member. To do this:

Visit Click on Student/Graduate Membership. Fill out the forms given. You will need a credit or debit card to pay the annual membership due. The original membership due is $32, but on March 1st, the price drop to $16. You will recieve a member number immediately upon membership. Send this member number, along with your name, email, major, and college year to

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