About Us!

We became formally incorporated on January 2nd, 1963.

We are the IEEE Student Branch at NJIT, part of the North Jersey Chapter. Our Office is in Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 104B, nestled in the back right corner of the ECE Student Lounge, Just walk on in, don't be shy!

One of our main goals is to provide students with the means to succeed at NJIT as well as in the future. We have a history of doing countless activities over the years, such as our 'Pulse' Newsletter for students, and our annual 'Focus Series' where we ask Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering professors to present an informative seminar on different degree specializations offered here at NJIT. Our most recent effort is in the building of a solar car. Information about it can be accessed by copying and pasting the link "solarcar.njit.edu" in your search bar.

Our program is strong and is the very image of excellence. Our IEEE student branch has even managed to snag the Outstanding Student Organization award from the Newark College Of Engineering at NJIT in 2008, which serves as a testament to our continued activity. We pride ourselves in providing for the student populous, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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