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Thanks Letter and Future Events

Dear all:

Thank you all very much for your attending today's CSSA Orientation, CSSA executive board really appreciate your time and energy.

  1. We would like to say special thanks to all the old students who came today. They are: Jiayi Tong, Zhiqian Wang, Silu Sheng,Wei Xiong, Gao Pan, Guogen Liu, Bo Chen, Yingnan Wang, Shaoliang Liu, Yixuan Li, Yuan Yuan, Xiaochuan Ma, Chen Chen, Jieru He and Bin Wang. Your selfless effort means a lot to the new students.
  2. NJIT CSSA will organize a trip to Princeton University with the CSSA in Princeton University. It should be held in the NJ Transit free week and we will give the details as soon as we confirm with Princeton University CSSA. We welcome your joinning in.
  3. This year the Mid-autumn day is very close to the 60th National day of China, we are planning a big party for them on one of the dates: Sept 26th or Sept 27th or Oct 3rd or Oct 4th. Please do send us your suggestion on this party. We want you to give a show on the party. All the performers will get a very nice gift.
Again, thank you very much for your attention to NJIT CSSA and wish to see you in future events.




非常感谢你们今天参加CSSA迎新会,CSSA 执行层非常感激你们付出的的时间和精力。

  1. 我们想对今天来参加活动的老生表示特别的感谢,他们是: 童嘉易,王志潜,盛思路,熊威,潘高,刘国根,陈波,王英楠,刘绍良,李一璇,袁原,马晓川,陈晨,何洁如,王斌。你们无私的努力对新生来说有很大的意义和价值。
  2. NJIT CSSA 联合 Princeton University CSSA 组织一次Princeton University 旅行,这次旅行将会在九月份的NJ Transit 免费周进行。进一步的详细信息我们会在和Princeton University 确认之后向大家公布。欢迎大家踊跃参加。
  3. 今年的中秋节和中华人民共和国六十年国庆节非常临近,我们计划进行一个较大的聚会,日期将在以下几个日子中敲定,9月26日,9月27日,10月3日或者10月4日。请大家对这个活动的举办提出你们的任何建议。我们还希望大家能踊跃参与报名在聚会上演出节目,所有演出节目的人都会得到很好的礼物。
非常感谢大家对NJIT CSSA的关注,希望在未来的活动里能够继续见到大家。



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