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Past events

2012 Spring Festival Gala

北美华人科技创业协会年会 (NACEA Annual Conference) Dec 3, 2011


NJIT 2011 Moon Festival Gala

2011 Fall中国新生Orientation

2011-2012 E-Board Election

Interview Communication Skill Seminar

Workshop on Growth Strategy for start-ups

2011 Spring Festival Gala

2011 Spring New Student Orientation

Immigration and Employment Law Seminar

2010 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

Incoming Guide for 2010 Fall students

2010 Spring Festival Gala Invitation

 2010 Spring Festival Gala

 September - 2009 Eastern Cup Table Tennis Tournament (September, 2009) see photos

  NJIT CSSA Aug 27th Orientation

 Orientation for new students (August 27, 2009) see photos

 BBQ for new students (August 25, 2009) see photos

 Forum for Overseas High-level Talents Exchanges see photos

 Jan 31 - CSSA Spring Festival see photo

 Nov 13 - OISF Culture Remix see photo and video

 Sep 14 - CSSA Mid-Autumn Festival

Incoming Students Guide (Aug.3, 2008)



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